Top 10 Downloaded Android Games of Year 2013

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Android operating system has become a huge success which has made the android games downloading really easy. There are thousands of android games that people download everywhere in the world. People use these games to enjoy spend their leisure time. The free game apps for android are everywhere to be found easily and you can access them whenever you want to. Following is the list of top 10 free android games for downloading.

Candy Crush

Android Games of Year - Candy Crush Saga

This game started with an online process and then came into android phones. People all over the world play this game with such enthusiasm and can’t wait to unlock the new levels. This game is really interesting and is loved by everyone. You can get this game by searching for free game apps for android. This game has been downloaded by thousands of people all over the world and is happy with the use of it.

Angry Birds

Android Games of Year 2013 - Angry Birds

The game, angry birds, was downloaded and played by millions of people since it first came into the android convenience. Free game downloads for android has helped people to download all types of games that they like. Angry birds are the game that is played by lots of people and though the game is old today, it still is the best game ever. People spend their free time playing this game and enjoying it.

Frozen Bubble

Downloaded Android Games of Year - Frozen Bubble

The game to spend your time is frozen bubble. This game gives you the enjoyment that you can get really involved in this game. You can enjoy it and never get bored when this game is in your mobile phone. This android game helps you enjoy your boring time and you can enjoy playing it because it is very easy.


op 10 Downloaded Android Games of Year - Jewels

This game is similar like frozen bubble but a little different. You need to attach the similar jewels and beat the score. It is included in the top free android games and every person can enjoy this game without having to think. This game does not need a lot of attention but mere fun. You can have a lot of fun when you start to find jewels of same color and design.

Temple Run

Downloaded Android Games - Temple Run free android apps

The game that is played since it first came into the android system. This game is such an amazing attention seeker and the game lets you enjoy it. You need to be very keen while playing the game and it lets you enjoy it to the maximum. There are new android games available as well but the old games are like gold. These games are loved and played by people everywhere in the world. Temple run is a great time pass.

Cut the Rope

Android Games of Year 2013 - Cut The Rope

The game, cut the rope, is such a cute game that is played everywhere in the world and people love it the most. It is one of the best free android games and you will enjoy it as much as you can. Cut the rope is such an attractive game and it will make sure that you enjoy it till the end. The levels keep getting tough which is the reason why interest keeps developing in players.

Subway Surfer

Top 10 Downloaded Android Games - SubWay Surfers

The free android game apps are used for fun and to spend time for leisure. People everywhere in the world enjoy this game and make sure they are satisfied by the services the game gives. Subway surfer is an amazing game and it can be used by people to spend their boring time when they have nothing to do. This game is really astounding and you can get the best time while playing it.

Fruit Ninja

Downloaded Android Gamesof Year - Fruit Ninja

The game that started years ago and was the best game ever is now played by few people. This game is really interesting and makes people follow the theme of enjoying their boring time while playing fruit ninja. The theme of the game is to squish fruits and to make the fun increase by avoiding bombs and exploding on every hit. The free full version game downloads for this game are available everywhere and people download and install it every time.

Despicable Me

Top 10 Downloaded Android - Despicable Me

From the film, Despicable me, the game was generated. This game is such a cute game that you can enjoy playing it and having it in your cell phone every time a child needs to play a game. This game is available everywhere to download for your android cell phone and you can enjoy playing it. It gives you a really good time and you can enjoy it with the fun that it gives. You can find free games to download by visiting the page that offers you downloading access.

Drag Racing

Downloaded Android Games of Year - Drag Racing

This racing game is loved by boys. There is no android phone owned by a boy who hasn’t played this game. Free racing games download are also available everywhere and this racing game is such an amazing game that every person simply adapts interest in it while playing. Whether you enjoy playing racing games or you don’t, you can have the best experience by playing the game.

You can get to download free games for tablets, your pc or your cell phone and enjoy your leisure time. These games are free of cost and millions of people everywhere search and download these games in their cell phones to enjoy playing it and having a great experience.

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